CTI Entrepreneurship – the Swiss federal training programme for startup founders.

We support the next generation of scientists and entrepreneurs in developing their business ideas, setting up their company and implementing a strategy for growth. You can choose from four specific training courses, all run and led by experienced entrepreneurs. They are aimed at the founders of young knowledge-based companies and at members of universities with innovative visions.

For members of universities
Module 1 Business Ideas Feel the startup groove

2-hour motivational event for members of universities.

Module 2 Business Concept Get the startup toolbox

Evening course for members of universities / university students with business ideas who aspire to set up a company.

For startups
Module 3 Business Creation Jumpstart your business

5-day intensive course to jumpstart your venture.

Module 4 Business Growth Grow your startup

5-day course on developing and implementing
strategies for growth.

«CTI Entrepreneurship provides practical training courses that impart the knowledge that budding young entrepreneurs need - and that's not all. With its range of programmes and events, CTI Entrepreneurship helps to create a network of young entrepreneurs and this is an important factor in the success of the Swiss startup scene.» Dania Gerhardt, Amazee Labs

«CTI courses are top quality, no-nonsense and packed with pure business knowledge that can be applied in Switzerland straight away.» Alexander Temerev, Entryforex

The very first thing you should do after deciding to set up your business. Business Creation will equip you with the necessary tools within 5 days! Ata Tuna Cilftlik, Lunaphore

«Are you too focused on product development to think about the business side of your startup? If so, the Business Creation course will point you in the right direction!» Yevgueny Bogdanov, Graspio

«Having an effective team is more important than the idea. Our founding team met on a CTI Entrepreneurship course - without that, we probably wouldn't exist at all.» Alexander Ilic, Dacuda

Consortium partners

The following institutions support the CTI Entrepreneurship programme: